Login/Logout Hooks Deprecated Technology

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Up until JP 10.3 Login/Logout Hooks are still in jamfdocs. But Jamf Support doesn't recommend using them. Because according to them and Apple, its already a deprecated technology. Instead, they recommend using third-party tools such as Outset and Offset. I believe in "Jamf And" and very thankful to those coders that contribute to the community and make Jamf easier to use. Seems to be Jamf relies more and more on third-party "FREE" apps (app packager, outset, offset, splashbuddy, the mut, etc.) to be used in conjunction with their management software. But then customers still pay a steep price to use Jamf Pro who recommends using third-party free apps instead of their own. Apple forces us to do workarounds to use them in the enterprise environment, I dont blame Jamf if they are forced to do the same thing. Its easier to accept this if we are using Free OS like Linux and Tools like Munki.

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Interesting, we haven't used Login or Logout hooks for years, been used to using Launch Agents and Launch Daemons.

Didn't know Apple actually states this now (wonder how long this has been there):

Daemons and Services Programming Guide - Login and Logout Scripts




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Interesting are they going to support "Login" triggered policies in some manner without them?
I use them extensively because they are a very convienient and flexible way to insert things into the user environment at login, I could use LaunchAgents of LaunchDaemons, but I'd hate having to do a redeployment every time I made a change to drive mounting scripts for example.
I suppose I could create a LaunchAgent or Daemon that ran the jamf command to check for login policies but it seems something the product itself should do.

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@Look My point exactly, we pay a premium for the management software but then they will tell you this

"As far as login hooks being deprecated, here is an Apple Article stating that login/logout hooks are a deprecated technology.


There are a couple of Jamf Nation articles as well as Reddit that state that these have been deprecated and alternative workflows customers have been using. Here is a GitHub that is often used as an alternative to the scripts.


I dont like that answer, I'm sorry, I'm not being mean. We pay for convenience and functionality, If we have to do things the manual way, or use somebody elses work, whats the point of paying premium. Apple really can be frustrating sometimes and Jamf can do something about this too but they are not choosing too, because other People in the community is doing it for them, for FREE!

First the JDS, now we have to find our own way syncing DP's, next Login/Logout Hooks, next JamfPro Imaging is going away soon because of DEP. But we still pay the same even if the functionality is getting less and less.

Thank you to all the contributors here in Jamf Nation for providing what Jamf Pro is lacking. Seriously, Jamf should give you a Free Pass to JNUC every year. And If I see you in person while I am in JNUC, I promise to at least buy you a beer. If we dont have guys like you, I dont know how long we will be staying with Jamf.


Great point and response. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one annoyed with the referral to free apps from GitHub instead of incorporating something into the paid for product.

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Jamf's login and logout triggers do still work on the latest OSes, don't they? I assumed the continued use of this deprecacted mechanism was simply due to the lack of urgency since it still works. I expect Jamf to switch to using a LaunchAgent to call the trigger at some point before it breaks. Or has that already happened without my realizing it?

I do wish Jamf would feel a little more urgency on this either way, since login hooks are deprecated for a good reason: there can be only one, so products that rely on them can't help but step on each other's toes.

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I created a Feature Request for this issue. If this is a duplicate, please kindly direct me to it so I can upvote it.

[https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/7281/fix-login-logout-policies](link URL)

Thank you All!

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Are Startup triggers also deprecated?