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Many software publishers provide static (non-changing) links that always point to the latest release.Consider this download link for Zoom: works, but it always downloads version
I haven't needed this information for a few years; I used to see it when I signed in, but that was before the website re-design. (C'mon, Jamf! Don't make it hard for me to give you my money!)
We have a policy that uses the Software Updates payload to force users to install macOS updates. By default it's set to run once a month, so users get prompted to install updates, but sometimes there aren't any updates to install. So it pesters users...
I wanted to block our users from installing Monterey until we get a chance to test it in our environment.So I downloaded and launched the installer, then opened Activity Monitor to get the process name.The installer showed up as:Install macOS Montere...
Interested? View my Profile page and click Send a message Job Description:Support SSO implementations and automation of onboarding and offboarding processesOnboard and offboard employees. Support and maintain an onsite installation of 50+ Cisco Webex...
Almost 40 years experience with Macs (yes, really!), and 6 years as a Jamf admin.