Logs on Server for tomcat?

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Hi Guys,

Earlier today i lost access to my JSS and i had to restart Tomcat on the server to get it running again.

Would there be any log files that would explain why this might have happened?
If so, could someone point me in the right direction.


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On Redhat logs for JSS are located /usr/local/jss/logs/

On OSX located in /Library/JSS/Logs/

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Ben, Did you end up knowing why the JSS was not accessible in the end?
I had the same issue today and few times last month and that was because of the MAX connection to the JSS even I think I have set enough Max Connection for our environment.
What I found was that after an update to the JSS most of the client were waiting for the JSS to be available which it hit the Max connection and hang the TomCat then you will see the issue of the JSS web app is not accessible but trying to hit the server.
My only resolution was to reset the TomCat on the server using the JSSDatabaseUtil.jar which is located in /Library/JSS/bin on OSX JSS's server.
I hope this help and please tell me if you find any other reason for it.

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Hi sorry for the Late reply,

The issue was indeed because of max connection. The JSS was set up on a Mac Mini running OSX Mountain Lion 10.8 with the server application. OSX can handle maximum of 10 concurrent connections i think.

Anyway we eventually migrated to a more powerful Mac Mini running OSX Server 10.9. OSX Server has unlimited concurrent connection.

Hope this helps.