logs PreStage enrollment: Automatic Device Enrollment failing

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We are having numerous (but not all) Macbooks failing to enroll in jamf when they are first being setup. They are not installing self-service app and do not show under computers after setup. Weird thing is that config profiles are being installed. Some of these are M1's and others are Intel based systems.

Can someone point me to what logs we could look at to see why these are failing?


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I have the same issue with one specific Macbook (M1)


-config profiles are installed 

-Self Service App doesn't show up

-Macbook doesn't check in in jamf pro

-jamf jssconnect says it is connected


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Are there any new findings? I currently have the same problem with re-enrolment after updating to Ventura. In addition, the terminal tells me that it has not found the command "jamf".

Ok, I was able to solve it on my end. It was probably because the computer was in two Smart Groups with identical configuration profiles and policies. Since it is only in one group, everything works as it should.