Looking for a (general, macintosh) trainer in NYC...

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We've got employees that need some training.

•General Mac usage (standard accounts, no admin rights)

•Outlook use (more "advanced" stuff like managing delegates, etc.)

•Phishing email identification

we're based in the Flatiron district in NYC, I've tried Tekserve (no longer offering training), General Assembly (didn't really seem to do computer training, more "management training" things), Mike's Tech Shop (never got back to me after a couple emails and a phone call), and Apple Joint Venture (doesn't go over 3rd party software, and no one here uses Pages.....) I'm kind of lost for options here. does anyone know of anyone in the area that provides this type of service?


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Call the experts over at Macktez: 646.274.0933 or http://www.macktez.com/curious/

I worked with them a decade ago and have referred many folks their way. Creative, friendly, reliable.

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Hey Justin,

Contact Phil at 212.777.2333 or email on there website http://www.lighthousecorp.com

They have a couple of Mac specialist and should be able to help you with your needs. They are also located in the city.

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I believe HCS does this kind of training.

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thanks for the recommendations folks!

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thanks @pete_c -- these guys are pretty great, and things have been going very smoothly.


I have used [http://www.hcsonline.com], good bunch of guys!