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Hi Guys,

Just a query I have inherited Jamf Now portal for our company as the last administrator had moved on however, I have been trying to log into different portals to perform tasks such as remove devices from apple.deploy.com or renew APP certificate.
The problem is that I do not know the admin password for the apple account and the previous administrator set two-factor authentication on the device. So I have contacted Apple support but they were unable to help me they said that if I did not have the recovery key I am screwed. So my question is where do I go from here there is about 100 managed devices on the Jamf portal is there a way to tie them to a different apple account?



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If you had to, you can make a new DEP account and then associate JAMF Pro with that, but you will lose DEP functionality. If the account is tied to a corporate e-mail account, I would re-create the e-mail (on your e-mail provider) and give yourself permissions to the mailbox. Then goto iforgot.apple.com to reset the password, which doesn't require the 2-factor auth. That should send an e-mail directly to your create mailbox. After you reset it, make sure to change the e-mail.

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second @FrozenWaltDisney

I've had to do that many times here to get control of an Apple ID ended up causing an activation lock and all other methods had failed. Key is to get chummy with your Exchange admin.