Lost ipads

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Is there a way to search for the last known good location or ip address of a lost ipad that is no longer connected to a wifi signal?


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I would put them in lost mode.. and hope they phone home.

I would also create a special pre-stage with a restricted custom profile that locks down the iPad enough to be really annoying but can still communicate back to Jamf. An example, no App Store, no iCloud, etc.

This way you catch the device if they put it in DFU and wipe / reset the iPad. At worst, they lose functionality of the device. At best they bring it in to be properly configured.

This is assuming they’re business owned and your trying to get issued devices back.

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Find my iPad is never going to be super accurate. Even if it was actively hitting WIFI, it's only close within hundreds of feet.

You can see last IP address in JAMF. I have found several ipads in the building by searching the IP address in our Controller. Again, it's not going to give you accurate location, but at least the AP it's hitting.