Lost Mode

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A user has left their iPad in a location they cannot recall on the way back to the office. I am attempting to set lost mode, but it isn't staying enabled. I am assuming it is nowhere near or connected to wifi hotspot so the command cannot be sent to the device. Kind of a useless feature if this is the case. I am not sure location services are setup on the device either.


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Hopefully you found the device by now, but yes, if the device is not connected to wi-fi or turned off, it won't take the set lostmode command and be a "pending" command.  Once when it is on/connected the lost mode should be enabled. 

Based on this article, it shouldn't matter if the device has location services on/off.  Once lost mode is enabled, it will turn on location services.   https://support.apple.com/guide/security/managed-lost-mode-and-remote-wipe-secc46f3562c/web


Hope you've found the device!