Low-bandwidth music app?

New Contributor III

Does anyone have ideas for a low-bandwidth music app with appropriate content level for k-8 students?

I can get into details, if necessary, but mostly need to find an alternative to Spotify/YouTube on my iPads. We're not currently distributing a music app, but staff feels the students will be happier if we can distribute an alternative to Apple Music or Spotify and also to keep them from inadvertently pulling video content from YT while listening to a song.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!


Dusty VanGilder

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I've been a supporter and fan of SomaFM.com for many, many years - check out the live shows on their BaGeL Radio stream every Tuesday and Friday - and they have a native iOS app:

If you're on 3G or WiFi, we give you access to our high quality 64kb AAC-HE and low-bandwidth 32k AAC-HE streams, which sound amazing. Higher quality than many of the other "big" internet radio services out there. 32k aacPlus streams sound as good as 128k MP3 streams in most cases.