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We are a K12 private school. Our high school and middle school students are all using iPads to complete their schoolwork. Lately, we've had students come into our tech office that is having trouble taking and/or submitting tests. It turns out that quite a few have iPads at the lower limits of battery activating "low power mode", which stops background app refreshing causing them to be unable to continue their testing. 

Is there a way to disable Low Power Mode in Jamf Pro?


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I am currently looking for the same.
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I am looking for the same as well.  It's a big problem this year.

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We are having a huge problem with it this year as well.  We've seen that even once charged, the ipads do not go back into full power mode on their own.  Students think low power is good, that their iPads will last longer and don't realize the problems it causes with updates.


Adding to the thread, I found today that iPads in Low Power mode will not come out of Lost mode.  I am creating a feature request if its not already there.  

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Any updates on this? We need to be able to turn off low power mode for iOS devices. Students turn it on and then their ipads do not update apps and emails/push notifications stop working. 

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It appears that low data mode also stops them from checking in inventory as well as stopping all app updates.  Having to monitor a group for those not checking in for 10+ days.

It's a headache for sure! It would be great if Apple or Jamf would allow this setting to be disabled. 

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I would be happy if when the device is in low power mode it would beep (and low battery) then they would charge it and switch it off low power mode (plugged in would turn off beep as well)