M1 can't reset user passwords.

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My m1 MacBook is using policies for local accounts in the local account, and resetting the account password did not work.
log status Failed.
Error resetting password for user xxxx


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@user-CMSpwyxONO You can't reset the password if it's the only account with a Secure Token

Do you mean I need to activate Filevault and get a secure token to reset passwords?

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You may have better success with the changePassword command. Assuming you know the old password on the account.

/usr/local/bin/jamf changePassword -username "<USERNAME>" -password "<NEWPASSWORD>" -oldPassword "<OLDPASSWORD>"

I don't know the old password, and the user also forgot too.

That could be an issue. Have you tried the usual Apple supplied methods of password recovery (Apple ID, Other admin user, FileVault recovery key and Terminal 'resetpassword' while booted from Recovery) or are these not an option?