M1 Pro MBP rebooted in the middle of Setup Assistant without creating any users.


So, here's a weird one. And of course, it's my luck it happened to our CTO. 

Brand new M1 Pro Macbook Pro, out of box, hits our PreStage. He provides credentials, accepts TOS (provided using an Enrollment Customization), then it starts downloading and installing Profiles at the Remote Management pane in Setup Assistant. 

It's here he claims the Mac just rebooted and came back to a login screen. Of course, since no users were created, no credentials will work here. Soft-bricked. 

I see the machine in inventory. MDM stuff all seems to be working fine, but no Check-In times, no Policy logs, nothing that would be provided by the Jamf framework. 

We're on 10.35, Mac is on 12.0.1. Thankfully not having a SecureToken user isn't the massive PITA it was in Big Sur, so it's at least not impossible to get back to start after this, but any ideas as to what might have happened? macOS kernel panic during some profile installation?