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User Activity You have to run Configurator on the iPhone, then point it at the Mac during Setup Assistant. Same 30-day provisional period as iOS/tvOS post-facto ASM/ABM adds. Requires macOS Monterey, on a T2 ...
As title states, I've had a handful of new Macs as well as a freshly created VM both refuse to connect to the Internet (and hence fail to grab their automated enrollment profiles), despite having valid IPs and DNS settings. I am somewhat sure that th...
See title. Just trying to get a grip on what everyone is doing. (Yes I know about
Just in case you're wondering if it's just you, just got off the phone with support, they're getting calls for this from all over. "Authentication service 'AppleConnect' experienced a malfunction: java.lang.RuntimeException: AppleConnect: fatal valid...
Hi all, So, for High Sierra I had a "Erase all Contents and Settings" esque policy in self-service that I used to do in place eraseinstalls using the startosinstall binary. Figuring that of course, Mojave's startosinstall would work the same way, and...