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So, here's a weird one. And of course, it's my luck it happened to our CTO. Brand new M1 Pro Macbook Pro, out of box, hits our PreStage. He provides credentials, accepts TOS (provided using an Enrollment Customization), then it starts downloading and... You have to run Configurator on the iPhone, then point it at the Mac during Setup Assistant. Same 30-day provisional period as iOS/tvOS post-facto ASM/ABM adds. Requires macOS Monterey, on a T2 ...
As title states, I've had a handful of new Macs as well as a freshly created VM both refuse to connect to the Internet (and hence fail to grab their automated enrollment profiles), despite having valid IPs and DNS settings. I am somewhat sure that th...
See title. Just trying to get a grip on what everyone is doing. (Yes I know about
Just in case you're wondering if it's just you, just got off the phone with support, they're getting calls for this from all over. "Authentication service 'AppleConnect' experienced a malfunction: java.lang.RuntimeException: AppleConnect: fatal valid...