Mac App Store Apps not installing

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We have a new iMac Pro running 10.13.5 that was onboarded using DEP/Jamf and we wanted to install Final Cut Pro, here are the steps we followed:
- We purchased Final Cut Pro using the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
- The App shows up in Jamf since we have VPP linked to Jamf
- We scoped the App to this iMac Pro
- The Distribution Method is set to "Install Automatically/Prompt Users to Install"
- Under the VPP tab we checked the box to "Assign VPP Content"

I then brought up the computer record and under History it shows Final Cut Pro as a pending install. Two hours later it was still showing as pending. I opened a ticket with Jamf and they told me the only way to get it installed is to:
- Assign an MDM user to the iMac Pro
- Login as that user on the iMac Pro

How is Jamf saving me time in this scenario? What if I wanted to deploy one Mac App Store App to 100 Macs on campus. I would have to assign an MDM user to all 100 Macs and then dispatch a technician to login to all 100 Macs as this MDM user in order for the install to work? Am I missing something? Will this behavior change in a future release of Jamf?


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Umm, It's not Jamf at fault here, It's apple releasing new OS's and fking everyone up!!

Secure Tokens, User approved MDM..... Difficult for a company to keep up with Apple these days...

Also, why didn't you just D/L the App, package it, then distribute via a policy?

Save you the stress and the time wasted posting here..??

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At this point I am not sure I can download and package up the App. I purchased it through Apple's Volume Purchase Program store and it is immediately visible in Jamf for distribution. How can I download it?


We had this same issue. It ended up being a build up of pending commands. Once we cleared the build up on the JSS server, everything is running smoothly again.

Call JAMF support, they will have you run a couple commands to clear the pending command build up. Normally it's a couple devices that are not talking to your JSS properly and you just need to re-enroll them.

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From what i understand (after multiple calls to Jamf support) . VPP apps being pushed by Jamf(and assuming any other MDM) required a MDM user wich if you used DEP first user that logs in becomes an MDM user so you should have any issue there.

The issue i have is that a user needs to be logged in for the apps to install. Pending commands had no fix for me. I was trying to push out the Apple Pages, KEynote, Numbers apps and i ran int the same thing, there are small few hunde megabyte apps, and if a user logged out during the install all bets where off.

Not a solution for any type of lab environment, I dont think it is Jamf at fault here, its definitely Apple, and nothing to d with the new OS, i had this issue back with Sierra.

I was actually looking into it (few OS version later) to see if it was acting any different and looks like its not. Not sure if its worth . my time to put in another support call.