Mac App Store Device-based Managed Distribution - Pages, Numbers and Keynote

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Hi all

If I already have machines with Pages, Numbers, Keynote installed manually, is it possible to assign them device-based VPP licenses and then update the apps to their newest version without having to remove the existing app?

I've obtained a set of VPP licenses, added the apps to 'Computers -> Mac App Store Apps', scoped a single machine, ticked 'VPP -> Device Assignments -> Assign VPP Content' but the app doesn't update on the device.

I tried Force Update and a Blank Push, but that had no effect either. As soon as I delete the app from the device and run a 'jamf recon' then the new device-based version downloads and installs.

Device is running 10.11.5 and a slightly older version of Pages, Numbers, Keynote. JSS is 9.91.

The goal is to have Pages, Numbers and Keynote update without the end user requiring an Apple ID.