mac book airs netbooting, fail most the time

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trying to netboot and reimage macbook airs, fresh out of the box, they fail most the time, sometimes reboot into mac logon, sometimes have text error message and say restart. this happens probably 3 out of 4 times, normally if I keep retrying long enough it will work. but very time consuming. any advice?


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I have seen slow to not netbooting on the left side USB port, I switched to the right side and the issue stopped.

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It isn't just slow it fails. I have tried left and right USB ports

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I also have a number of them that hang on clean up of block copy. Any solutions

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Hey Cody,

Quick question, was the netboot image created using the newest hardware and OS from Apple? I have seen this happen when a netboot image is created on older or unsupported hardware. For grins, if you don't mind, target disk mode boot one of the airs into another one and use the automator work flow out of the resource kit to create a new netboot image.

Test that out and see if it works. Otherwise, do the logs say anything? Can other Macs netboot fine with the same netboot image on the same subnets?