Mac centric enterprise ready DLP solution?

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Subject says it all, looking for a DLP solution that supports the latest OS, latest Outlook/Mail app, and has a good track record of support, and easy to deploy with casper preferably. Thanks!


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I don't think there is one, from what I have seen they all "working on it"


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We are in the process of implementing Proofpoint. There isn't a Mac outlook plugin, but I expect that will change when the new Office goes out of preview and they have access to microsoft's plugin architecture. Proof point does some email scanning and is supposed to auto encrypt outgoing sensitive data in email as well as having subject triggers so the client plugin isn't required.

Since you mentioned email apps specifically I assumed you were looking in that sort of direction, DLP is pretty broad (data control, device control, etc...).

Still in the pilot phase so it remains to be seen how usable it will be in production.

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I'd love to know if there's a good solution here. In a dream world, we'd be able to force user's to label mail messages & even other documents, and do some content inspection for email, docs, and writing to approved external drives.

McAfee and Symantec have both roadmapped DLP, but I haven't seen it working yet.

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Has anyone used this:

They claim to do quite a bit on the Mac


We are using Sophos for DLP, but its pretty crippled for Macs.

Endpoint Protector looks interesting!

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Just FYI (2+ years later)

Sophos Central Endpoint DLP features are still crippled on on Macs. They're crippled in the sense that the features are visible in the console but do not work on Mac endpoints. They also do not provide any warning when scoped to computers which are Macs.