Mac@IBM, Zero to 30,000 in 6 Months - Video QA Missing?

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I wasn't able to attend JNUC 2015, but watched the presentation video, but the QA was missing? Is there a reason it wasn't included? I find the QA very beneficial and sometime more beneficial than the actual presentation.


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I am not sure if there has been official reason from JAMF for not including the QA.

My guess is that they might need releases from all of those attending. Or it might be that an audience member gave away too much company/school info when they asked a question or provided an answer to the group. For example, if School District X asks "How do you enable FileVault 2", then the public could assume that the school is not currently encrypting or other speculations.

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Wow, I am surprised they don't have sign releases when you are attending since its being recorded. Couldn't they simply cut out what "School District X asked" that revealed sensitive information. Well, guest everyone that attending that session could post the sensitive information, so, its kinda a moot reason IMHO.

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There were really two Q&A sessions. They held one immediately after the presentation that likely was video taped. The IBM folks were also kind enough to come back at around 12:30 p.m. that same day to answer more questions. They had the entire team sitting on the stage answering questions for the second session. It is too bad JAMF isn't providing the video for the Q&A sessions.

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Also, the QA's are included with the PSU MacAdmin Conference video's. Why not the JNUC?

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I'm in agreement here. First off though - I greatly appreciate JAMF getting the videos of sessions up so quickly this year. As I wasn't able to attend JNUC, I'm glad I didn't have to wait several weeks to watch some of the sessions, so kudos to JAMF for getting these posted up so quickly this year!
But, I agree that not having any of the Q&A sessions included makes these vids feel more like canned presentations than the interactive presentations they most likely were. It just feels like something is missing without them, so I hope eventually JAMF will repost some or all of these with Q&A sessions included.

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This is what I heard back from JAMF...

Thanks for the follow-up. No, there are no available QA's for any of the presentations at the moment. The best answer I can provide publicly is that I'm told that this is under review. So please feel free to reach back out in a few weeks to see if the QA's were posted.

I guess that is better than a flat out "NO".

If you have interest and getting access to presentation QA's, I would recommend contacting JAMF and giving them feedback.

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Based on feedback from the community, we updated most of the JNUC videos to include Q&A. (The IBM Keynote video Q&A was not captured, so we did not update that video)

You can find the updated videos here:

Or on our YouTube channel.

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Great, thanks for adding the Q&A's back to the video's. It's too bad that the IBM Keynote wasn't captured that was one I was hear questions and answers.