Mac OS 10.9.5 AD logins creating AD\username user account, and user.

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Hi All,

Have a weird issue. We had a bunch of machines that were bound to OD. I removed that via dsodconfig and removed the OD server. Deleted managed prefs (rm -R /Library/Managed Preferences), deleted the mobile accounts on the machine (left the user directories), then bound to AD via configuration policy, and chown'd over their user dirs to their new users.

This all worked fine in testing. but since rolling out, at least 50% of the time when someone logs in, they get a blank user account, and the user folder is called "ADusername" and if you look in system prefs, users, it has changed the shortname and userdir for their mobile account to "ADusername" and "/Users/ADusername". I can fix their login, temporarily, by right clicking their user, advanced, and adjusting those fields then having them reboot and login. But, it'll happen again later.

Any clue at all what might be going on? The configuration profile doesn't have Mobility set, but does have "Directory" set, and has "Create Mobile account on login". If I configure Mobility as well, to create their user folder, suddenly they can't login. =/ Interestingly, if I then remove mobility from the configuration profile, it deletes the directory entry in there as well, so I have to recreate it (bug?).

I don't see this issue at all in 10.11.6, but those are newly "imaged" machines. So I'm not sure if there's some cruft left over from OD, or if this is a bug in 10.9.5.

Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions? It's really annoying to keep having to fix this. =/



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Maybe this thread will help? Scroll to the bottom and read the last few comments Search Policy...

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Sadly, all I have is "/Local/Default" and "/Active Directory/AD/All Domains" (our domain is "AD").