Mac OS Appstore Apps won't update

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VPP Mac OS appstore apps will not update on any of my deployed Macbooks. I just get "XXX Cannot update because it was refunded or purchased with a different Apple ID"

I realize this question has been asked on here before but there are NO ANSWERS. I even reached out to Jamf because we paid them a lot money for support but after providing them logs after logs after logs, I gave up. I shouldn't have to work that hard to get them to fix something for me. Somebody on here has to be able to help me!

Someone please help!!

Oh and I'm on Big SUR and Jamf Pro Version 10.28.0


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If these are the included apps Keynote, Garage Band, Numbers, and Pages, then they came preinstalled on the Mac, and you need to remove them and reinstall them before they will update through your licenses. They aren't assigned to any App Store account when they initially come with the computer. I've seen this problem, and I have scripts that run on enrollment that remove these apps from the computer.