Mac startup key combinations not working

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Hello all! New to the community here and I am glad to have read through some of the post here to see how helpful and knowledgeable the members are. I recently purchased a bulk of A1990 Macbook Pro's from an auction from a company that went under. I was able to get all of them restored to factory defaults with the exception of 1... It is bothering me and I am to my wits end and I come seeking help. Mac startup key combo's do not work at all. The keyboard and the buttons do work. As far as I know, there is no bluetooth keyboard assigned. I have tried created a bootable USB with Mojave OS incase there is no recovery but it wont boot from the USB and I can't use any of the shortcuts to do anything. I also do not know if there is firmware lock because I can't even access any of the shortcuts to prompt me. Letter rip!


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Try another keyboard, preferably a USB corded one.