Macbook does not register with Company Portal

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Hi all,
I'm getting an error message when I try to register a device to Intune through Company Portal.

It says: 

Couldn't add your device.
You can retry or send a report to your IT admin.

If I click "close" I see a generic error message saying:

Registration with Intune failed.

Run the item again, ensuring your computer is connected to the internet. If you still cannot connect, contact your IT department.

Details: An internal error occurred in Company Portal.

It's the first time I see it - does anyone have any idea what the cause could be?

Thank you!


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getting the same . anybody knows ?

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I was able to solve this issue in the end.
It turned out to be related to having too many devices linked to my account in AAD - apparently there's a limit after which it prevents you from registering more.
Once I deleted some old entries, I was able to login to the Company Portal.

Hope this helps.