MacBook not connecting to Server

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I have a MacBook that seems to have lost any connection to the Jamf Pro Server (on premise). All SelfService Options Display a "failed" message if the user uses them. The last time it made an inventory update or a check in was almost two months ago.

To make matters worse there are no credentials to the local admin account and the firmware password blocks access to the recovery mode. 

The OS is 10.14.6 because the user seemingly never updated it, but that cant be the reason for this all, or can it?

Anyways some tips would be really appreciated.

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The minimum OS support for JAMF Pro binary even for the current release 10.41 is 10.14.4. So should be all good from that perspective.  

It could possibly be an issue with the device certificate which can happen. The behaviour you see in self service would be similar since the device would no longer trust the JAMF server. Personally I have not found a way around that aside from removing the framework and re-enrolling. Happens so rarely though it's not a huge issue.     

Easy way to check if it's the certificate is if the device is working well enough to access the console you can check the JAMF log. It will say something that mentions device certificate issues (sorry blanking on exact wording). 


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@Andixon There is a know problem with macOS 10.14 systems after the Jamf Pro 10.40 update. See for more details.

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have you tried running jamf recon from the terminal, then look in the console to read the jamf logs, and see if there are any errors?