macbook ok on MDM but can not see it on jamfpro

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I have enrolled a new macbook on the MDM server without PB.

But I can't see it on jamf pro and I don't know why .


Do you have any suggestion ?

Thank you


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If you are not seeing the device in Jamf, then it's not enrolled in Jamf. Make sure to look up the device by Serial Number. Also check the Jamf Pro and device MDM logs and look for anything that would point to a failure in enrollment. 


  • If you run sudo jamf recon on the device, the last line of the inventory update should be the computer ID. The example below the device ID is 125, and you can jump directly to its inventory record by using the URL Replace 125 with whatever the device ID is.
    • If Recon is failing to run, you have a failed enrollment.
    • Recon will also confirm the jamf URL the device is enrolled in to.



Last login: Thu Apr 18 08:29:41 on ttys000
~ % sudo jamf recon
Retrieving inventory preferences from
Finding extension attributes...
Locating applications...
Locating hard drive information...
Locating accounts...
Locating software updates...
Locating package receipts...
Searching path: /System/Applications
Locating printers...
Gathering application usage information from the JamfDaemon...
Searching path: /Applications
Locating hardware information (macOS 14.4.1)...
Submitting data to



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forgot to tell that I'm using windows not linux , so I can't use sudo jamf recon ....

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His telling you run the command on the device you enrolled, not your admin device.

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issue solved by using the interface. Thank you