macOS 10.13.4 APFS Disk Image


We use bootable external drives that are mirrors of our JSS to images all our Macs using JAMF Imaging.

We create a macOS disk image with our admin user setup, so our support people don't have to worry about setting up the admin account. (custom settings, company branding, etc) This has worked for years, until APFS.

Since we cannot create a disk image of an APFS drive, So how do we facilitate this simple setup now, without having support create the Admin user and set it up all manually?

Thank you in advance!


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Create the image using a Mac w/ a spinning platter HD instead of SSD. They can't be updated APFS. Not sure if the SSD systems will update to APFS after imaging.

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I moved to app deployment setup, rather than custom images - took a long time, but was the way forward.