MacOS 10.15.3, demoted local user can not log in

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Hi guys

after enrolling our Macs on 10.15.3 the local user is admin, getting the secure token and the bootstrap, but we want to demote the local user to a standard account, after demotion the user is not able to login anymore.

admin is on 501 bootstrapped and tokenised, user is on 502, we have an onprem Jamf Pro 10.18

anyone else seeing this? Did Apple make a booboo with .3?


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Might be related to this: Catalina 10.15.3 Update Breaks AD Domain Users Admin & sudo Access

After updating to 10.15.3, AD groups with local admin access breaks. One fix is to reapply the AD groups that require it.

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We found out it is the pre-fill primary account in the pre-stage/accounts