macOS 12 Translation service


Apple has added a very cool build in translation service right into the OS but for enterprise security reasons I would like to enable and lock the On-Device Mode setting.


I checked the build in config profiles on Jamf Pro and did not see anything there. Anyone tackled this yet?


The service is found in System Preferences/Language & Region Translation Languages button bottom left.


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Enabling the checkbox sets the boolean "OnDeviceOnly" to 'True' in the preference domain I'm not sure if this can be enforced via MDM but I would assume so.

Edit: I just tested this and it works, although the checkbox is not greyed out. If a user disables the checkbox it will be re-enabled automatically. It's worth noting that, per the text at the bottom of the window, Siri and Safari always process translations online.

Preference domain:



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Thats awesome, thanks. Related question. How do you find out what the preference domains and the keys for them are? Trying to Google this is not giving me much but I'm guessing I'm asking the wrong question. One would think there would be a list or a way to find these 2 bits of info.