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Thanks to the awesome community I managed to find various preference domains and their keys but I would much more prefer to find the answers myself.How do you extract the preference domain for something within the macOS and how do you extract the ava...
Apple has added a very cool build in translation service right into the OS but for enterprise security reasons I would like to enable and lock the On-Device Mode setting. I checked the build in config profiles on Jamf Pro and did not see anything the...
I created a new policy that creates a new local user on the target device. Which works, I can see it in system preferences and I can see the newly created user folder in /Users but when I try to logon it says the password is wrong.JUST to make sure I...
I previously used a PLIST for managing Chrome and Edge including pushing 2 extensions for all users. This worked, it pushed them in an active state, no problems. Seeing you can now get nice JSON config files that let you toggle any setting within Jam...
I have several little scripts that writes to default files for various things. In order to make sure it writes to the users defaults I use loggedInUser to pull the logged in user. All this works 100% through the terminal but when I run it via a scrip...
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