macOS 13.0.0 Ventura - automatic Intallation

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Hey everyone, has anyone tried to push the new macOS 13.0 Ventura update to the clients via Jamf?

  • I have created a new patch policy
  • also uploaded the .pkg
  • assigned three Test clients

But unfortunately nothing happens. Do anyone have any idea? The funny thing is that the three Macs are not displayed in the patch management. How do you solve the issue of macOS updates in your company with Jamf? I would like to push the updates automatically to the Macs, so that the user does not have to worry about it.
I am looking forward to your ideas and comments
Regards, Alex


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Use erase-install in the below link. I add the package to a policy and put your commands in the files and processes. I ran this on one our test Mac's yesterday and updated to Ventura pretty quick.

Home · grahampugh/erase-install Wiki · GitHub


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Just be aware that the only way to fully automate an upgrade like that will be to use the MDM commands in Jamf, at least on Apple Silicon computers. Erase-install is awesome (used it for our Monterey upgrade), but run the upgrade requires authentication by a Volume Owner to proceed. 

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Correct, when you run this on M1 devices, you'll be prompted to enter the password to kick it off. The MDM commands are unreliable and rarely ever work from our experience.