MacOS Delta Upgrade vs Full Installer in System Settings


I'm thinking this is an easy one but I'm having trouble finding this information. 

Does anyone know what settings would determine whether or not you get the Delta upgrade of Full App Installer when checking for Mac OS upgrades in the system settings? When I log into a Mac, it serves me the 5-7GB delta upgrade file that doesn't require admin credentials to run. When one of my co-workers logs into the same computer, it forces him to get the full app installer through system settings. 

My suspicion is it's something to do with update deferrals in our Restrictions config profile, which my account is exempted from.  


If anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated. 


New Contributor

I'm basing on my experience only. Once you have deferral restriction that hides the latest release, you will see full installer. For me delta was always available only with the latest macOS release. Try changing your restrictions profile so mac can see the latest macOS, make sure profile arrived and then quit/re-open System Settings.