Microsot AutoUpdate - Force Apps to Close When Starting Updates

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Hello all,

Forgive me if this is an obvious thing I'm missing. I'm trying to configure our MAU to automatically force apps to close when the user initiates an update from the popup notification. Right now, initiating an update will hang if the app is open. I believe it will eventually force the apps to close once the final deadline is reached, but users would like the aps to close if they assent to the updates before the final deadline. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!



I'm making a few assumptions here:
Assuming this is office 365
You are within N -2 of the current office version
Running modern OS

The default behaviour for office updates is if the application is open that it will make a copy and update that. Once the application is closed it will slot in the updated app. This is intended to minimise disruption to your end users and speed up the update process. 

If you want to enable force quit you have a couple of different options but simplest would be to define the Automatic Download and Install mode and Deadline preferances with a configuration profile. More information about the Preferance is here
You can use the Microsoft provided Custom JSON Schema in the JAMF repository. 

Another option is to use patch management which will handle the deploying your desired version and handle force quits with notifications if required. 

I think option 1 I mentioned is probably closer to what you are looking for.