macOS Mojave -- Slow Finder / Applications Freezing

New Contributor

Good morning,

I was wondering if anyone was having any issues with JAMF Pro and macOS Mojave. For some reason, a lot of our users we've "imaged" to macOS Mojave this year are experiencing very erratic behaviors. Finder tends to freeze a lot, a lot of native Mac applications are not responsive forcing the user to Force Close the app, occasionally the users' computer gets frozen when the computer is locked and they try to unlock the machine. Another symptom we've been getting is very slow connections to our share drives. When the users were on Sierra, the connection was pretty much instantaneous. Now, connecting to the same share drives can take anywhere from a minute to several. Sometimes this will freeze Finder as well.

I'm just doing an internet restore when reimaging a machine. So, this is pretty much a vanilla OS. I'm thinking it may be our ESET Antivirus that could be causing the issue. I haven't tested removing the Antivirus from one of the reported computers yet. I wanted to see if any other users were experiencing similar symptoms.


EDIT: Looks like it was our ESET Antivirus. I've downloaded a slightly newer binary from their website and looks like it is clearing up the issues we're having. Final testing being done. Looks promising.