macOS Monterey on VM Parallels Desktop with Automated Enrollment

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I need some help getting a macOS Monterey VM to work with Automated Enrollment in MDM.
In the past, I just added these values as boot flags before the Apple Setup screen. This doesn’t seem to work with Monterey now.


Using 17.1.0 Parallels Desktop

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I don't think the current version of Parallels allows for that yet on a guest Monterey VM. Hopefully in a future release of parallels, we get the gear button back for Monterey VMs where we can configure more options like this again.

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I did a test and the gear is there. The only way I was able to get it to work today was:

1. Set up the vm customize the settings before boot

2. Add the boot flags before you install the OS using the iso that Parallels creates

3. Boot into recovery.

4. Install macOS Monterey 

5. ABM enrollment works


This just takes like double the time..


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Got it. Yea, I believed its also possible to add the flags on a Big Sur VM and the upgrade it, but once Parallels knows its on Monterey, doesn't seem to give that option. Do you still see the gear icon past installation of Monterey when done this way?

Yes, I do.


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A couple of tips for testing ADE with Parallels:

1) Make sure to check 'customize this virtual machine' before the first boot.

2) Set the boot flags as described above.

3) Boot the machine and start the install

4) Disconnect the network adapter during the "long" phase of the installation.  It won't let you start the installation disconnected—Recovery mode complains of no Internet connection—and turning it off during the first phase prevents macOS from running the 'activation' stage of Big Sur / Monterey after the first reboot.

5) Wait for setup assistant, then take a snapshot.

6) Reactivate the network connection.

With the network disconnected, it can't check for a cloud configuration record so you can take a snapshot and use that reset the VM endlessly back to a 'clean' state.

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I was unable to get the Pre-Stage to show on Parallels with Monterey. I followed the suggestions here and on this link however I was still unable to see the Pre-Stage on Parallels. I noticed at the bottom of the page it says 'If after changing the JAMF version and/or upgrading Parallels Desktop version the enrollment cannot be performed, delete a record for this VM asset in JSS under "Advanced Mobile Device Searches".'

I checked to see if the serial number I was using had a record in the Inventory section of Jamf which it did as this was a serial number from a liquid damaged Mac not worth repairing so that's why this would have been in our Inventory. I then deleted this record from Jamf and re-installed Monterey again then the Pre-Stage displayed and I was able to deploy the VM.

I probably could have just reverted back to a snapshot straight after the install but I wanted to re-install the OS so it was a fresh install since I deleted the record.