macOS Monterey stuck after reboot or software update

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Hi All,

Has anyone seen where systems get stuck on a loading screen when either upgrading to macOS Monterey or installing the latest security update?
I have seen in jamf connect documentation that there is a work around steps under - "Restoring the Authorization Database"

Im wondering if this is caused by Jamf Connect 2.13 or any version lower that 2.14 ..




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We ran into this in the spring with 4 or 5 laptops, different model years, but all migrating from Catalina to Monterey.  We don't jamf connect, so I don't believe that factors in here.  My research pointed more towards an issue with the os upgrade package somehow FUBAR'ing end user permissions and scramble the Macintosh HD volume.  The Data volume was left intact, but without user permissions working, it made data recovery a challenge.

I was able to retrieve end user data on two of the devices, but ultimately I had to nuke them and rebuild from scratch.

Sorry I'm not any help, but I wanted to give you a little more information from a different perspective.

Cheers, F

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We've experienced this on the odd Mac as well. In my experience it could be one of several things. FileVault/Secure token not issued correctly (works to run an authenticated restart), Rosetta and older versions of Jamf connect (older version of rosetta is deleted by the MacOs update but is as far as I understood required by earlier versions of Jamf Connect. Then there's the bug (PI-007071] The Jamf Connect login window may interrupt incremental macOS updates on Mac computers with T2 chip).