MacOS object disappeared from Intone

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Hello , 

Recently I have a problem with devices , after registrating to Intune everything works fine however after 1/2 days the device disappears from Intune. The object is still visible in AAD however it completely disappears from Intune making the devices lose complaiance.
Has anyone had a similar case ?
I can't track down the changes because on the Jamf side as well as the Company portal app logs everything looks correct.


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I doubt your issue is on the JAMF side. I suggest looking at your Intune workflows, automations, and change control logs. Your environment could have some cleanup work flow that has gone rogue.

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There has been talk on the macadmins slack of others experiencing the issue since the 10.50 cloud update and customers using the legacy connector. It may be related to the SSOe profile if it is deployed in your environment. I'd suggest opening a case. 

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Would be interesting to see a page or guide on how to fix this problem, thanks for anyone in advance

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HI do you still have this issue?Did you find a solution?

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We are still experiencing the issue, and to my knowledge Jamf does not have a fix but there is a PI (PI113193) for it. I would suggest opening a case.