macOS: User Initiated Enrollment not updating dynamic group membership

New Contributor III

Got a bit of a weird one as we are testing User Initiated Enrollment.

This part of the process seems to work fine:

Mobileconfig downloads, installs, the rest of the Configuration Profiles download.
Machine updates its inventory back to Jamf Pro, and the machine is visible there.

For UIE workflow, I created a Smart Group to catch UIE-based Macs (which most of ours will be) with the following criteria:

Enrollment Type like Enrolled via DEP: No

This is populated by the Extension Attribute:


enrollType=$(profiles status -type enrollment)
echo "<result>$enrollType</result>"

Once a machine has gone through initial enrollment, I can see that the Enrollment Type shows the above criteria in the machine record in Jamf Pro, yet the machine doesn't get added to the group, thus remaining outside of scope for the rest of the UIE workflow.

Running multiple jamf policy and jamf recon from the terminal makes no difference.

With both test machines now, I've had to open up terminal and run a sudo jamf enroll -prompt, and manually enter in the information.
As soon as I do that, the machine runs through enrollment - again - doesn't appear to change any information in Jamf Pro that I can see, but the smart group populates and bam the UIE workflow begins to work as expected.

I'm not sure what I'm missing here, any advice would be appreciated!