Jamf Parent FR to use with app based content filters

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Please consider upvoting my Jamf Parent feature request! Details are laid out in the feature request.


When using an app based content filter along with a content filtering configuration profile, the chance of losing all network access on an iPad is very high. If parents choose to use app block to only allow one or more specific apps, and the content filter app is not one of those, they run the risk of losing all network access on the device. To reproduce...

  1. Install a content filtering app like Lightspeed Relay (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/relay-smart-agent/id1374371214) along with its accompanying content filter profile.
  2. Use Jamf Parent to restrict an iPad to only one or more apps. Make sure one of those apps is not the content filtering app.
  3. Restart the iPad.
  4. All network access is lost. Can't communicate with Jamf Pro or any website. The only way to get network back is to restore or revive the device.

tl;dr – Parents can accidentally lose all network access on their student’s iPad when using Jamf Parent with an app based content filter. Admins need a way to always force specific apps be present no matter what app lock configuration parents choose through Jamf Parent.