Macs are finally first class citizens!!!!

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I just had to make a post bragging a little. After almost 5 years of begging, pleading, blood, sweat, tears, and long nights of banging my head against the desk IT Management has finally acknowledged the need to start handling Mac purchases and offering Macs to the masses!!!! When I got here we had 65 Macs and now we have close to 700 (I still manage, package, and troubleshoot alone!!!!!) It's a step towards Macs finally becoming first class citizens in the enterprise!!!!


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Congrats on getting that accomplished Matt!! And welcome to the club! The same thing (approximately) happened here last year around the time I came on board. Macs have now been for a year an accepted part of the IT solution for customers in the company. New employees (and existing ones looking to upgrade or switch) get to choose the platform they want to use to get their work done IT Help Desk is trained, to an extent, on how to work on and fix Macs, and there is an engineering team assigned to enterprise management and Level 3 support, which I'm part of. Doesn't mean there isn't still a bunch of resentment and closet Mac loathing by some of the old timers, but it doesn't matter. Upper management has embraced it fully.
I'm sure many others have similar stories. its not just a Windows world anymore (whether some stodgy IT people like it or not!)

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I have recently accomplished the same victory!

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I'm glad to see this happening other places as well!!!! It just shows that Macs are here to stay and the rest of the IT world needs to start getting on board!

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Congrats! And be sure to let us know if you need another Casper guy to help out... some of us are looking to make a career change :)

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Well done Matt congrats! We had this about 3 years ago and it has been good.
This document can help for others...

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Congrats! Fortunately I've never had to have the fight. We were lucky enough to be 100% Mac since 1991!