Self Service Won't Install Any Self Created Package ;-(

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Dear Jamf admins and Users,

Iam trying to install a package by using Self Service, but this wont work. I read the admin manual, but everything what I did, wont work iam very desperate...

I used composer to create a package and jamfadmin to upoad it to the software distributionpoint.
I created also a policy and if i check the error log you will see this:

/usr/sbin/jamf is version 8.7
Executing Policy Install Microsoft Office 2011 NL...
[STEP 1 of 3]
Caching package...
Downloading BOM for Office Installer.mpkg...
This Apple Package did not have a valid file. Assuming it is a flat file package.
Downloading http://dcdh01.dh.local:80//Packages//Office Installer.mpkg...
Error: The package (Office Installer.mpkg) could not be found.
[STEP 2 of 3]
Gathering Self Healing information from https://DCDH01.dh.local:8443//...
This computer does not have Autorun Data. Self Healing can not be run.
[STEP 3 of 3]
Running Recon...

Evertytime and each package this wil come forward.

Also by the policy i dit force distibution point to use afp/smb instead of http this also wont work pleaz help!!!


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looks like the package can't be found at the source or at the destination. have a look at /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Downloads/waitingroom/<cached package>

is the package there?
if not than it can't be found at the software distribution point.

also i noticed you have self healing activated for the package. best to leave it out for now and make sure your test is as simple as possible for determining issues.

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Although the policy logs are not always super helpful, in this case its telling you what the issue is. The package can't be found on the server its expecting to find it. One thing I see is that the path appears to be incomplete. It should say server name:80/CasperShare//Packages/... not The structure of a distribution point is typically that there is a top level share called "CasperShare" and inside that are the "Packages" "Scripts' etc folders. So it looks like you may not have your share set up correctly.

Also, whenever a policy fails from Self Service or from some method/trigger, I usually try running it manually from Casper Remote as a quick test to see if it may be something specific to the way the policy is set up. Have you tried installing this in any other way yet? i suspect it will fail that way too,but one thing to note is that the Casper Remote log is a little more descriptive than regular policy logs, so it may reveal more information for you.


The domain name of 'dcdh01.dh.local' looks very off to me. I would see about referring your distribution point to its IP address or a real domain name if the server has one. Those .local names won't resolve if the computer isn't on the same subnet and even then, I think you'd want something more concrete like an IP or domain.