Macs Hanging on FV Encryption during First Reboot

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Hey everyone…

I’m seeing an unusual issue…

After running DEPNotify and kicking off FV Escrow, the Mac will reboot, instruct the user to encrypt (type in password), FV key is displayed, and then prompt to click “OK” to reboot…

So far, so normal…

However, at this point in time, the mouse and keyboard stop working.

Has anyone here ever seen this issue before?

I read an article here:

I’m wondering if it’s related… Seems to only happen when encryption starts. The devices seem to come back to life after a long period of time (I need to check to see if the encryption had completed).

Forcing a hard reboot works - but kind of defeats the Zero Touch experience.

I’ve been seeing this mostly with Mojave, Jamf 10.12.x, DEPNotify 1.0.4, and v2.0.1

I seriously doubt this is a DEPNotify related issue, but I wanted to check just in case.

I’m running this up with Jamf Support and I’m reached out to @mactroll as well.

Thanks to anyone who has some ideas on this!

Kind regards,

Caine Hörr

A reboot a day keeps the admin away!


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Hi, Ive seen this happen with our setup also, but leaving for 30 or so seconds seems to resolve it.
Interested to see other peoples response though.

How do you do your prestage / secure token with the zero touch since?
We had issues with the first account not getting a token but the management account does, therefore caused us issues.