Manage Adobe CC updates

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Would just like to see some input on how other manage adobe CC

Normally the Adobe RUM take care of the updates within the version like version 21.2 to 21.3
But how about going from 21 to 22 that needs a new full installer, as adobe does not seems to have a normal update mechanism for that

So create the package at adobe admin console. But do you then unpack etc this package or just keep it as it is and upload to jamf ?

And what communication do you use to upgrade- jamf helper or just self service item?

Hope some can give some best practise on this


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When you create a package in the adminconsole, you will need to unzip it once downloaded so you can copy the install and uninstall packages up to Jamf. Depending on your setup this will likely zip those packages individually but I've heard of some people saving time by zipping them locally first.

I'm in the process of updating now on our campus. For the labs we ran the uninstaller for 2020 and then installed 2021. Since Adobe didn't update all of their applications to a 2021 version, we probably could have just removed the 2020 versions that were updated to 2021 and updated but I didn't have uninstallers for that nor did I have time to create the necessary logic to customize it. In this go around I created packages for each Adobe application that is a part of Creative Cloud and put them in their own policies unlike previous years where we had one giant package in one policy that had everything in it.

This should pay off for people working from home and is much better in general for those low on drive space. For our labs and classrooms we're still deploying everything so students don't have to and Jamf's ability to use custom triggers comes into play to chain the individual policies together. The end result is everything gets installed in the labs and classrooms just like in the past but now the staff and faculty can choose one of the following from Self Service...install everything like the labs and classrooms(long install and not ideal away from campus), common install(this installs the common adobe applications that most use on our campus), or individually(all Adobe applications are offered in Self Service). None of these are available until 2020 is removed as well.

As far as communication email will make the staff & faculty aware of how to update from Self Service. This is a new direction for us and is something I've wanted to do for awhile. With the covid and work from home situation it makes it an easier sell to go this direction as previously I got resistance from those above on doing this. They prefer that we provide computers with everything on them. This is fine for deployment but ongoing updates tend to add overhead.

I'm not sure if any of that helps but thought I would mention it.

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Now I have, as example,photoshop 21.4.1 and want to install photoshop latest 22.0.1
what script etc do you use for uninstalling the old version. I tried with the following, and it uninstall the old version, but then the new version cannot be installed, for whatever reason

"/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Desktop Common/HDBox/Setup" --uninstall=1 --sapCode=PHSP --baseVersion=21.0 --platform=osx10-64 --deleteUserPreferences=false

So would like to know if any has other scripts etc how to do this ?. The issue is also, that when updating, if there is any userpreferenes set, those should be maintained as users else propably will be a bit mad

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Most of my installs fail from Self Service. I create a package from the admin console and upload the installer.pkg and then put that in the definitions and patch policy.. All my installs fail not matter what. I mean I have the users update via the CC app but would rather have it enforce from JAMF. What am I doing wrong?

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I create my dmg through the admin console then run the dmg on my Mac which downloads a zip file.  When I unpack the Zip file that is when I get the "_Install.pkg" then I compress that file and get "".  This is what I upload into Jamf and apply to a Patch Management policy.  I do not do mine through Self-Service and I have found no issues till needing to upgrade the versions.  To me an update is staying within the major version and an upgrade would be changing the major version number.  Hopefully this helps.