Managed app distribution issue

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I have started trying to use the "new" Apple deployment method of distributing managed mobile apps through Casper. I am running 9.4.

I am trying to distribute Notability. I have about 1400 iPad users, and purchased 400 licenses; many users already have it installed, which is why I only bought a smaller amount thinking I would add more later, if needed. I have invited the users to VPP, added them to the scope and assigned the app in VPP Assignments under the Users tab.

The users that have accepted the invitation see Notability in self service. When the tap "Install" in self service, it spins and spins and spins. When they go to tap a free app in self-service, a pop up appears and they are prompted to install.

I believe I have everything setup correctly, but I am apparently missing something.

Thanks for your help.


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Yes this is the difficult part of 9.4

Basically once you have vpp licenses for the app, the app wont install unless the user has access to the VPP license as listed in users > VPP assignments.

It is likely to do with the make app managed if possible option under the app listing for self-service.

I have a similar issue with the apple apps, where some of our byod devices, have them for free and some of them dont.

If you know how should get the vpp license and who doesn't, you can assign groups for this, and make a custom internal website, and a web clip for those to access and install the app from the app store, with out vpp license.

It's messy but thats the only way I can see to work around the issue.

Another reason for the cosntant looping install, is if the app has been updated in the apps tore, you have to re add the app into your apps list.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I think what I found as a resolution for this was to delete the instance of the Notability app under "Apps" in Mobile Devices, and then add it again. I had initially added it and uploaded VPP codes. Now that I am switching to managed distribution, I don't need the VPP codes. It seems like it is working.

Secondary problem/question; I will reach out to Apple for this, but here it goes: I am assuming that if a user already owns a paid app that I am distributing through managed distribution, that they will not get the managed distribution app on their iPad. So, if a student has Notability installed on their iPad, and I push out the managed distribution of Notability, that student will not get the pushed version of Notability. Is that accurate? Does that make sense?