Managed app on a personal ipad

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This is my issue. We purchased a $300 special ed app for a student. The app was purchased with ASM and is visible in Jamf Pro. The issue is that it was purchased for the student's personal ipad which is new with no apps installed. I was able to enroll the student's ipad into our Jamf mdm. The issue is, it installs our apps and restrictions which is something that needs to be removed before returning to the student's family. Is there anyway to install just this one app and unmanage the ipad to a state were the home user can use it as an every day ipad with the app store, itunes, etc.?


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You can do this all on the Users side of Jamf Pro. You can email the student a VPP Invitation that they can accept with their personal Apple ID (you'll need to first create a user object with their email address). Then you can assign the app to the user object in Volume Assignments, and it will show up in the student's Purchased apps in their App Store. No enrollment of the iPad necessary. Documentation is here.