NoMAD Login Password changed

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We are using NoMAD Login and had a user change his password on our domain controller. The iMac is only taking his old password. Should NoMAD replicate or authenticate with the new password or does he need to change it on the iMac too.



Do you have FileVault enabled on the iMac? I've seen FV and local passwords fall out of sync quite often.

How are you using NoMAD? Have you demobilized the account? Is it now just a local account?

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Are you using NoMAD Login and NoMAD or just NoMAD Login? NoMAD Login is only for the authenticating the user the first time. it will create a user, based on the AD user. NoMAD is what is used to keep passwords in sync between AD and the local account. You need to make sure the LocalPasswordSync option is set to True.