Managed IDs for Teachers

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We are about to roll out Managed IDs to our teachers and in testing it, it requires a phone number to call/text for verification. Does anyone know if that can be disabled or another method used as I'm sure we will get push back for having to associate their cell phone?



@mkempster Interesting question as I'm also deploying iPads to teachers but undecided on whether to use the Managed Apple IDs, not use any Apple ID, or let them use their own.

Can I ask why and/or how you're choosing to use Managed IDs for your teachers?

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Be aware that for now, Managed Apple ID don't support VPP enrollment (at least on the last setup I've done, we wasn't able to do it).

Teacher Apple ID (and other adults) are required to provide cellphone for security reasons. Their Apple ID can be used to reset password for students Apple ID.

Bad things can happen if a student guess a teacher password.