Managed iPad which is Auto Enrolled - Management Commands are stuck with status "Pending"

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On the iPad: General > VPN & Device Management only displayed VPN - not anything to do with MDM

Upgraded to the latest OS from the device and now I see all the Configuration Profiles in General > VPN & Device Management but still when I try and do anything that uses a remote command from Jamf Pro such as restart or Inventory it stays with a status of "Pending". The MDM Profile looks to be current.

Before upgrading iOS there were a bunch of failed commands like this in Jamf

The UUID for the profile “Self Service Web Clip” is not unique.

My current idea is to wipe it and rebuild with Apple Configurator.

If it was a Mac I'd try a "profiles renew -type enrollment" command but I can't see how to do that for an iPad

This is 1 of 80 but the only one that is misbehaving

It, like the other 80 received a new config profile to access the wifi a week or so ago changing from user authentication to certificate authentication.  It can access the internet fine so it's not simply a network issue

Apart from Wipe/Rebuild, does anyone have any other ideas of things to try?