Managing Mac App Store Apps

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Hello, I've been unable to find answers to these questions in regard to managing Mac App Store Apps via Jamf Pro (looked in admin guide and YT channel with no luck)

Question 1: I've deployed an app to a user via Mac App Store Apps and the user has subsequently put the app in the bin on their device. How do I remotely reinstall the app in this scenario? In the Jamf Pro web app I can see that the number of "in use" licenses for that application is "2" when I would expect it to now be "1" since one of two users manually uninstalled the app.

Question 2: How do I remotely uninstall a Mac App Store App from a user device? We installed an application then in "Scope > Targets" removed the user however the application has not been uninstalled from their device.


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I'd also like to know question 2 there. Unlike iOS, if you un-scope a Mac from an App Store app... it doesn't uninstall the app.

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I am also having some issues with Mac App Store apps and have found the documentation to be lacking in this area. In my case, I added an app on 14 newly enrolled computers (to be installed immediately). The app was missing entirely from 2 of 14 although a license was allocated to it. Due to lack of time - I ended up installing the app manually on those 2 computers so I could get them in the hands of users.

UPDATE: I found this post to be helpful Remote uninstall and install of app on a single device in a scope.

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Late to the game, but I have found that if you stop deploying the app and then redeploy it (click the radial button to turn off the "Deploy" option, save it then turn it back on) that will redeploy the app. It does redeploy it to the whole target group, however, I can confirm that it does not affect the computer if the program is already installed.