Managing Printers on OS X with iBeacons

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Based on a bunch of feedback we got at JNUC2014, I created a video and support doc on how to use our beacons to set up automatic printer configuration. Feedback welcomed and encouraged:




This is great! We have been using it for a few months and its a lot of fun. We made some slight changes. We don't remove our printers when exiting the zone. We also chose to notify people that they were in range of the beacon tech, and a printer instead of automatically mapping and installing the printer. Our business is appreciative of automaton, but sometimes they want to be the one to "ok" it. Worked for us, and we got to install the iBeacon! We set the policy as Tim described above. Called it Printer xyz beacon kickoff. Custom Event trigger was beaconStateChange, ongoing, with a script attached. Script - . This script triggers another policy if they click the Yes button, no button exits. There is a second policy that has a custom event trigger called "xeroxCorp5875" set to ongoing, scoped to all computers. In the second policy we also have the drivers package, and the printer gets mapped. When the user walks past the printer they get prompted to install the printer, when they click yes it triggers "xeroxCorp5875" which installs the driver and maps the printer. DONE! We also created a smart group defined by Macs that have this printer mapped already and excludes them from the beacon fun. Improvements welcome!