Manual vs JSS Installed Configuration Profiles

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I see a lot of chatter around here about people wanting to install config profiles manually vs using the JSS to push them out. Why is that? Are there benefits from doing it manually? It seems so much easier to push them via the JSS than it does to set up a manual process for each.

I am just now starting to deploy more and have done it both ways. Curious to know what the best way would be.


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Many people do not want to rely on Apple to send the push out to their systems, if you do manual install, you can easily push out the configs and you won't have to wait on Apple or worry if the APNS has a hiccup.

We did manual installs for a while because for some reason it would take days for changes to our configs to get pushed sometimes. Last year we switched back after a lot of testing and found it to be fairly reliable now.