mass action - update iOS not working

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Jamf pro cloud - ipads/Iphones not updating using mass action command download, install, and restart devices.

They have full battery. One is on wifi, one connected ethernet using an adapter, another device is using mobile data. Under the management commands on the device, the scheduleOS update command is just pending, and there's hundreds of them. Like it's trying every day, all day long for the last week.

I saw some posts from a couple years ago on the jamf nation forum discussing this issue with no resolution. Has anyone else experienced this?


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I was running into the same issue, which ultimately froze our cloud instance...

Recommend to cancel all of the pending commands before it causes any problems with your instance, and re-issue the mass command to about 50 or so devices at a time.


Are you trying to update devices to iOS 15.7 by chance?

There is a known issue for this (PI110544)

Known Issue Impacting Minor OS Updates to iOS 15.7

A known third-party issue prevents scheduling minor updates to iOS 15.7 via MDM command. A workaround has not yet been identified and a timeline for resolution has not been established.

Note: End users can manually update to iOS 15.7.

Major upgrades to iOS 16 are not impacted. iPadOS and macOS updates and upgrades are also not impacted.


My workaround was to send a remote command: Recommend Software Update Version > Allow users to install only the latest minor version of the currently installed version. Then temporarily disable the "Defer software update" in your config profile and then send a remote command: Update OS Versions on supervised devices with these settings (selecting "Specific version" won't work):




Edit: Added to this, I created a copy of my main restriction config profile and disabled the "Defer software update" there and then scoped it to a smart group that only contained devices below iOS 15.7. This group is also excluded from the main restriction config profile. Once devices are updated, they then fall out of the "Below 15.7" smart group and have the software deferral reapplied.